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About the Show

What's Cooking? Watch NAU-TV to find out. What's Cooking introduces viewers to the best restaurants in Northern Arizona and Flagstaff. Host Mitch Strohman cooks alongside world renowned chefs at the Seasoned Kitchen in Downtown Flagstaff. Chefs prepare their signature recipes on this program which shines a spotlight locally and on Northern Arizona.

Season 3

Ep. 304 - Whats Cooking Turquoise Room

Turquoise Room Restaurant at La Posada Hotel in Winslow-A Jewel in the Desert

Ep. 3 - Simply Delicious

Simply Delicious and Cafe Daily Fare a Flagstaff Darling

Ep. 2 - BRIX

Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar

Ep. 1 - Elote

Elote Cafe is the hottest restaurant in Sedona

Past Seasons

Season 4

Beaver St Appetizer, Beaver St Entree, Beaver St Dessert...

Season 3

Appetizers, Entree, Dessert...

Season 2

Chef Randy Walker, Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms, Achiote Pork Chop, Panna...

Season 1