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The Score takes you behind the scenes of NAU Athletics. Join host Mitch Strohman as he explores what makes Lumberjack Sports the winning ticket for the local scene and Fox Sports Arizona.

Season 9

Ep. 9 - Athletic Identity System

Dr Lisa Campos discusses NAU Athletics new logo and brand, super fan Dr. Chales Pilon,baton Twirler Joey Norton, Assistant AD for Academics Pam Lowie on the continued success on NAU student athletes in the classroom, and the KAW student wrestling club.

Ep. 8 - Painsgiving

NAU's Pro Wrestling club KAW, Swimming and diving coach Andy Johns on winning the WAC title, Sue Darling in the Coach's Corner, Women's basketball player Amanda Frost, and Know Your Jacks with soccer's Nicole Sherwin.

Ep. 7 - Diane Buzzard and Joey Norton

Soccer Player Diane Buzzard, Baton twirler Joey Norton, Assistant Track and Field coach Oscar Duncan, Jack Murphy, Landon Hughey, and Brian Shrader.

Ep. 6 - Student Success

Mathew Riggins, Jamie Shadian, Sue Darling, Hailey and Tatum Rochin, Know Your Jacks - Taylor Stephens

Ep. 5 - All American Football

Football players Anders Battle, Tim Wilkinson, Lucky Dozier, and Andy Wilder.Coach's Corner with Jack Murphy and Cross Country runner Melanie Townsend.

Ep. 4 - Best of Coach's Corner

NAU Basketball Coachs Sue Darling and Jack Murphy are highlighted in this best of special.

Ep. 3 - Mayo Clinic

Doctors with the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale are working with NAU athletics to remotely diagnose head injuries, Senior goalkeeper Lauren Weaver, and Dr. Lisa Campos on the future roadmap for athletics.

Ep. 2 - Flagstaff Extreme

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure course, first year head volleyball coach Ken Murphy, Basketball coach Sue Darling, and former player turned assistant volleyball coach, Anna Gott.

Ep. 1 - Dr. Charles Pilon

NAU alum Dr. Charles Pilon, Soccer coach Andre Luciano, Basketball coach Jack Murphy, and running back Zach Bauman.

Past Seasons

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Season 10

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