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The Score takes you behind the scenes of NAU Athletics. Join host Mitch Strohman as he explores what makes Lumberjack Sports the winning ticket for the local scene and Fox Sports Arizona.

Season 6

Ep. 9

On this final episode of The Score - Season 6, Mitch Strohman revisits some of our favorite stories from the past semester. This episode will feature Karen Lohr, Lana Christensen, The Third Rail Jam, Disc Golf, Behind the Scenes of NAU Athletic Broadcasts, St. Mary’s Food Bank, NAU Quiddich and an interview with Lopez Lomong.

Ep. 8

This episode of The Score features: the NAU Quiddich team, a look behind the scenes of the NAU athletic broadcasts, interviews with Brad Bedortha and Caitlyn Emery, a tennis Coaches Corner with Kim Bruno and Know Your Jacks with Alexa Kim.

Ep. 7

On this episode of The Score: The Arizona Snowbowl Hosts the "3rd Rail Jam", warmer weather in Flagstaff means the return of Disc Golf, Mitch sits down with NAU Men's Basketball Head Coach Mike Adras and All-Star player Cameron Jones, Football's Andy LaRussa shows Mitch proper Pass Coverage technique, and get to know more about Shane Johannsen.

Ep. 6

On this episode of The Score: Senior NAU Diver Lana Christensen receives the prestigious Beckman Scholarship and embarks on innovative undergraduate research, learn how you can help Cam Jones receive the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award, Mitch sit's down with NAU Head Swim Coach Andy Johns and Swimmer Fi Connell, it's setting in the Coach's Corner and the fearless Brandy Carr in Know Your Jacks.

Ep. 5

On this episode of The Score, see the inspiring story of Karen Lohr, an NAU employee who despite many obstacles never gave up on playing the sport she loves. Mitch sits down with NAU Senior basketball players Cameron Jones and Jenna Galloway to talk about their NAU Basketball experience and plans for the future. We’ll learn hitting fundamentals from Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate and get to know more about NAU Volleyball player Katie Bailey.

Ep. 4

This is a very special all Coach's Corner edition of The Score featuring NAU Head Women's Volleyball Coach Andre Lucciano. He shows Mitch his basic keys to successful passing, setting, hitting and serving.

Ep. 3

This episode of The Score features NAU Women's Soccer, Interviews with Andre Luciano and Tori Rocke, Tackling in the Coach's Corner, and Know Your Jacks with Tori Howe.

Ep. 2

Ep. 1

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