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The Score takes you behind the scenes of NAU Athletics. Join host Mitch Strohman as he explores what makes Lumberjack Sports the winning ticket for the local scene and Fox Sports Arizona.

Season 5

Ep. 9

This final episode of this season of The Score gives us a chance to revisit some of our favorite stories from the past semester. This episode will feature NAU Soccer, IceJacks, Marching Band and Athletic Training Program. We will also get to know more about athletes, Gianara Compasano, David McNeil, Ali Carter and Javier Villarreal.

Ep. 8

Episode 8 of The Score features former NAU stand out golfer, Ali Carter. Two segments with graduating student athletes T.J. Williams and Sarah Neatherton. Interviews with NAU Football's Head Coach Jerome Souer's and Award winning Quarterback Michael Herrick.

Ep. 7

Episode 7 of The Score features a very special all Coach’s Corner edition of The Score with NAU Head Women’s Golf Coach Brad Bedortha. We will also feature Know Your Jacks with Meghan Bremer and Megan Buck of NAU Women’s Golf.

Ep. 6

Episode 6 of The Score features NAU Cross Country runner David McNeil, the NAU Athletic Training staff, interviews with NAU Men’s Basketball players Nick Larson and Cameron Jones, Coach’s Corner with NAU Head Gold coach Brad Bedortha and Know Your Jacks with NAU Women’s Basketball player Caty Huntington.

Ep. 5

Episode 5 of The Score features the NAU Marching Band, Women’s basketball standout freshman Amy Patton, Interview with NAU Head Basketball Coach Laurie Kelly, Coach’s Corner with NAU Head Golf Coach Brad Bedortha, Interview with NAU Women’s Basketball student athlete Lauren Hoisington, and Know Your Jacks with Amy Patton.

Ep. 4

Episode 4 of The Score features a special all Coach’s Corner edition with Head Women’s Soccer Coach Andre Lucciano. Andre attempts to teach Mitch drills to improve his game: Penalty Kicks from the kickers perspective, “Ball Aerobics” Drills, Goal Keeping, Penalty Kicks from the goal keepers perspective

Ep. 3

Women’s Soccer and Men’s and Women’s Cross Country defend their titles as Big Sky Champs. Interview with Coach Andre Luciano. Coach’s Corner on when and how to do a Flop Shot. Interview with Soccer player Kristi Andreassen. Know Your Jacks with Cross Country Runner Diego Estrada.

Ep. 2

Full Episode Features stories on: NAU IceJack's historic Season, Coach King coming to NAU, Interview with Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate, Coach's Corner, Interviews with volleyball player Kelli Dallmann and Know Your Jacks

Ep. 1

Full Episode Features stories on: NAU Women’s Soccer Team, Cross Country Coach Eric Heins, Coach’s Corner on how to stop a penalty kick with NAU Women’s Soccer Coach Andre Luciano, Interviews with NAU Cross Country Runner Veronica Pohl and Nikki Codd.

Past Seasons

Season 11

Marcus Alford, Hiking Safety, Kevin Stephens, Know Your Jacks...

Season 10

Austin Hasquet, Racquetball, Ki Kroll, Know Your Jacks...

Season 9

AndreLuciano, JackMurphy, ZachBauman, KnowYourJacks...

Season 8

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Season 7

Troy Kemp, Coaches Corner, Interview is with Diego Estrada...

Season 6


Season 5

big sky soccer, big sky cross country, interview with andre luciano, flop...