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The Score takes you behind the scenes of NAU Athletics. Join host Mitch Strohman as he explores what makes Lumberjack Sports the winning ticket for the local scene and Fox Sports Arizona.

Season 10

Ep. 6 - Bob Orrill and Tony Cullen

Bob Orrill, Tony Cullen, Dr. Lisa Campos, and more!

Ep. 5 - Judgement Day

Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Darby prepares the Soccer team, Head Football coach Jerome Souers discusses new football recruits, and Beth Hopper, former NAU women's basketball player and current color commentary announcer.

Ep. 4 - Rhonda Rajsich

Ep. 3 - Best of The Score 2014

This episode is all about nutrition and racquetball with Hotel and Restaurant Management Chef Mark Molinaro and the President of the NAU racquetball club, Kevin Hayes.

Ep. 2 - Ben Howland Returns

Former NAU basketball coach Ben Howland, NAU president Dr. Rita Cheng, and more!

Ep. 1 - Truck Pull

Football truck pull, thumb wrestling, linebacker Austin Hasquet, racquetball, head men's tennis coach Ki Kroll, and Know Your Jacks with soccer's Emily Wadell.

Past Seasons

Season 11

Marcus Alford, Hiking Safety, Kevin Stephens, Know Your Jacks...

Season 10

Austin Hasquet, Racquetball, Ki Kroll, Know Your Jacks...

Season 9

AndreLuciano, JackMurphy, ZachBauman, KnowYourJacks...

Season 8

JackMurphy, TravisDoerfler, JarretBilbrey, CarolineHogardh...

Season 7

Troy Kemp, Coaches Corner, Interview is with Diego Estrada...

Season 6


Season 5

big sky soccer, big sky cross country, interview with andre luciano, flop...