Route 66

About the Show

Named in honor of what many refer to as the Mother Road, Route 66 is a show that highlights the arts and cultures of Northern Arizona that make this area so unique.

Season 1

Ep. 5 - Team Trivia

Team trivia, bon fiction, artist Bruce Aiken, and potter Joan Pavarnik.

Ep. 4 - Kung Fu

Kung Fu, attorney and art patron Harold Watkins, a performance by Streetwise from the Ardrey Memorial Auditorium, and Circus Bacchus.

Ep. 3 - Music Special

Local musicians and bands Ed Kabotie, Ryan Biter, Bon Fiction, and Streetwise are highlighted.

Ep. 2 - Theatrikos Kids

Hosted by local actor Glenn Hansen, this episode features Theatrikos Kids, NAU student award winning film The Mutable Life of Oscar Clark, local band Streetwise performing live in the Ardrey Memorial Auditorium, and Flagstaff photographer Joe Cornett.

Ep. 1 - Route 66 101

Route 66 takes a look at the art, culture and people who make flagstaff great. This episode features artists Erika Vhay, Greg Brown, Ryan Biter and Joni Pevarnik and the Grand Canyon rafting community. This show was hosted by April Saylor.