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Inside NAU is the university’s premiere program highlighting the people, research and points of interest at Northern Arizona University. Hosted by Theresa Bierer, this series covers topics of interest to northern Arizonans, including sustainability, science, diversity, education and student achievements.

Season 6

Ep. 18

Segments include: Decade; Research; Sustainability; Extended; and Athletes.

Ep. 17

This Inside NAU episode highlights sustainability at Northern Arizona University. As administrators work to make the campus carbon neutral by 2020, there are several initiatives on campus to make that happen.

Ep. 16

This Inside NAU Special features Northern Arizona University's Extended Campuses. The program offerings have expanded considerably over the years, with thousands of students enrolled in NAU classes online and at locations throughout the state.

Ep. 15

Ep. 14

This program highlights undergraduate research, the growth of the university’s infrastructure, and a leading edge program from Physical Therapy students who are working with Parkinson’s Disease.

Ep. 13

This program features a unique partnership between Northern Arizona University and the Zaki Gordon Film Institute in Sedona. The Beasley Art Gallery has its’ namesake’s art on exhibit, and Dew Downtown Flagstaff was a recent event bringing snowboarding competitors to compete on snow-covered city streets.

Ep. 12

Paul Keim’s research and scientific collaborations continue to elevate NAU’s reputation worldwide. Students who work in his lab get unique opportunities for research. This episode of Inside NAU also highlights the Sim Man Technology used by Nursing students, and NAU athletes who are making the grade.

Ep. 11

This program celebrates Northern Arizona University’s roll in Arizona’s Centennial, with a look back at the campus and the progress of the institution.

Ep. 10

For the first time in NAU’s history, all theses and dissertations are being submitted electronically. This episode of Inside NAU also features progress being made technologically on campus. The episode ends with a beautiful look at the full lunar eclipse captured on video at Flagstaff’s Buffalo Park.

Ep. 9

Former Lost Boy of Sudan and Olympian Lopez Lomong shares his story of perseverance and the joy he from earning his degree from NAU. This episode also shares the work of some graduate students who are working with members of the community to increase energy efficiency in homes.

Ep. 7

Forestry continues to be one of the university’s hallmark programs, and the Dean of the College wants to see its reputation further heightened. NAU’s Shrine of the Ages Choir makes some beautiful music. And this episode also features the AIDS Quilt which has travelled all over the world.

Ep. 6

This program takes a look at the changes at Northern Arizona University under the stewardship of Dr. John Haeger, who just completed ten years as president of NAU.

Ep. 5

The Inside NAU team covered several stories at the High Country Conference Center, including the Economic Conference and a gathering of alumni during Homecoming Weekend. The crew also traveled to Ralston Purina, one of the bigger employers in town, who recently added a solar array, with the help of some NAU alumni.

Ep. 4

Inside NAU features the new Health and Learning Center, the newest facility on campus. It brings many health related departments together under one roof, while also offering students many recreational opportunities. In addition, science reporting and the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative are highlighted.

Ep. 3

NAU is home to one of the more unique wood fired kilns in the country. The university’s newly renovated School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is open and serving students. And Ira Flatow of NPR’s Science Friday told the Inside NAU team why he loves Northern Arizona.

Ep. 2

This episode takes place in the 1899 Bar and Grill on NAU’s North Campus. The episode examines scientists work to eradicate bed bugs with music, a new program using professional to mentor students, and a look at Flagstaff’s new Route 10, a high frequency bus route between campus, downtown and west Flagstaff.

Ep. 1

This Inside NAU special examines the Native American Cancer Prevention Partnership. Many students are working closely with NAU scientists on cancer related research.

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