Inside NAU

About the Show

Inside NAU is the university’s premiere program highlighting the people, research and points of interest at Northern Arizona University. Hosted by Theresa Bierer, this series covers topics of interest to northern Arizonans, including sustainability, science, diversity, education and student achievements.

Season 10

Ep. 6 - Fungus

Beneficial plant fungus, NAU Civic Service, NAU Vice President for Research Bill Grabe, High School Counselor of the Year Katherine Pastor, and remembering Nando Schellen.

Ep. 5 - Sandpainting

Sand Painting, Preventing forest Megafires, Director of Lyric Theater Eric Gibson, Senior Companions, and Student Engineers.

Ep. 4 - Northern Arizona Book Festival

Return of the Northern Arizona Book Festival, Author Emily Regan, Chef Mark Molinaro, and student film maker Megan Babbitt.

Ep. 3 - Crash sites

Humphrey's plane crashes, Astronomy professor Dr. Stephen Tegler, Deltiology, Holiday favorite dishes, and the Harter handbell choir.

Ep. 2 - Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering, water treatment, tree seeds, Ice Lab, Jamie Axelrod, career development.

Ep. 1 - Dr Rita Cheng

Installation of Dr. Rita Cheng, Charter Reproduction and NAU alum Matt O'Neill.

Past Seasons

Season 12

Eugene Hughes pt.2, Cooking Competition, Chad Hamill, Swing Jacks...

Season 11

Chad Hamill Interview Part 1, Chad Hamill Interview Part 2, Alumna...

Season 10

Dr Rita Cheng Pt1, Dr Rita Cheng Pt2, Charter Reproduction, Matt...

Season 9

Alumni Special, Alumni Special, Alumni Special, Alumni Special...

Season 8

Bats - Fire, EC Kingman - Study Abroad, GRE & GMAT, Playwrights...

Season 7

Geology Ipads 701, Elote Inside Nau 701, Interview Springer 701, Wool...

Season 6

Sustainability, Diverse, Diversity, Affordability, Interview with John...

Season 5

Student Mentors, Gateway, Textbooks, Haeger Hall of Fame, Old Growth trees,...

Season 4

Student LifeCenter for International Education, Student LifeCampus...

Season 3

High Country Conference Center, GEAR UP - SEP Program, Government Greening...

Season 2

Extended Campuses/Chinle, P-20 Council, Bookstore Remodel Tour, Basketball...

Season 1