Route 66 - Season 1

Season 1 Episode 1 - Vhay


Flagstaff artist Erika Vhay and local photographer Greg Brown.

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Posted 10/26/2014 5:42:19 AM
Once started this program should become a well focused series and continuing from year-to-year. Very enjoyable and would like to see more of this venue. You are definitely exploring the heart and sole of the "Mother Road".
Episode 1: 4 Segments


Segment two takes a look at the Grand Canyon rafting community and how knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.


Singer Ryan Biter performs "Across the Ocean."


April Saylor interviews potter Joni Pevarnik.


Reporter Carly Strauss takes a look at the Flagstaff social scene by featuring Dapper Dre and "The Payback."