The Score - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 5 - THE SCORE


Episode 5 of The Score features the NAU Marching Band, Women’s basketball standout freshman Amy Patton, Interview with NAU Head Basketball Coach Laurie Kelly, Coach’s Corner with NAU Head Golf Coach Brad Bedortha, Interview with NAU Women’s Basketball student athlete Lauren Hoisington, and Know Your Jacks with Amy Patton.

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Episode 5: 6 Segments


Get to know more about NAU Athletics’ biggest and loudest supporters.


Amy Patton is at the helm of the NAU Women’s Basketball youth movement.


Mitch Strohman sits down Laurie Kelly to talk about the success of the NAU Women’s Basketball program.


NAU Head Women’s Golf Coach Brad Bedortha shows Mitch how to get out of trouble on the golf course.


Mitch Strohman sits down with Lauren Hoisington to talk NAU Women’s Basketball.


Get to know more about standout freshman Amy Patton of NAU Women’s Basketball team.