Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 4 - Interview Segment


Inside NAU's Mitch Strohman interviews.

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Episode 4: 8 Segments


NAU Athletes are helping needy Flagstaff Families through St. Mary's Food Bank.


NAU is awarded a $1 million grant to develop science curriculum for middle and high schools.


NAU TV has received its first ever Emmy. Producer Jerry Anderfuren says this means good things for the department.


NAU's Engineers Without Borders chapter is helping a group create sustainability for their no kill animal shelter.


NAU's Shawn Skabelund initiated an art exhibit of drawings, entitled, 'Touching At a Distance.'


Hart Prairie northwest of Flagstaff is undergoing a shrinking and drying trend.


Inside NAU's Mitch Strohman interviews.


NAU's Astronomy Club members take advantage of Flagstaff's unique status as a dark sky community. The club also offers public viewings on clear Friday night's during the semester.