Inside NAU - Season 4

Season 4 Episode 17 - Inside NAU


This episode of Inside NAU includes a trip south, where NAU students at Pinal County are earning degrees. The Landsward Institute offers many opportunities for students this summer. In this show, Honors students are highlighted, along with a unique project by some senior engineering students.

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Episode 17: 6 Segments


Signal Peak is celebrating 15 years as one of Northern Arizona University’s extended campuses.


The Landsward Institute is especially busy this time of year, partnering students interested in the environment with companies and agencies offering internships.


The W.A. Franke College of Business was recently recognized for one of its outstanding programs.


Northern Arizona University’s Honors program is expanding as more students want the benefits offered there.


NAU’s Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Janie Ingram, is in the Spotlight. Dr. Ingram offers students opportunities to conduct research.


In Inside NAU’s Student Life segment, Haley Quiner shows us the progress of a group of outstanding engineering students.