Inside NAU - Season 4

Season 4 Episode 6 - Inside NAU


This week's episodes feature Northern Arizona University's GPS program, a family enrolled in Extended Campuses, the history of the Lumberjack, construction on the new Health and Learning Center, Michael Vincent is "In The Spotlight", and we meet with physically challenged students with a rewarding experience here at NAU.

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Episode 6: 6 Segments


We look at a new program on campus this fall. It's called GPS and while it doesn't tell you where you are physically, it is helping students stay on track.


We go to the valley of the sun, where a mother and daughter are enrolled in NAU's extended campuses program and sharing history and culture with fellow students.


Crews began raising the Lumberjack Stadium to make room for the new Health and Learning Center.


The Lumberjack newspaper got its start many years ago, along with giving students real life work experience, the paper has another legacy.


Michael Vincent, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters talks about a plethora of programs on campus that benefit both the students and community at large.


Reporter Haley Quiner meets with some disabled students who don't let their physical challenges keep them from a rewarding college experience.