Inside NAU - Season 4

Season 4 Episode 7 - Inside NAU


This episode features the Greenbuild Conference, Doug Small comments on Community College Campuses in the Greater Phoenix area, Study Abroad in Italy, Director of NAU's School of Communications Mark Neumann "In The Spotlight," and NAU students work in the Grand Canyon.

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Episode 7: 6 Segments


We take a look at initiatives on campus which were showcased during the recent Greenbuild Conference.


We take a look at an innovative approach to fundraising at the university.


In the past the graduate colleges had the majority of students in remote sites, but those numbers are shifting to undergraduates.


Northern Arizona University recently entered into an agreement with a Siena school to provide an especially unique program abroad.


Mark Neumann, Director of NAU's School of Communications, comments on all the new and exciting programs available to students.


Two Northern Arizona University students worked closely with Grand Canyon National Park during a recent internship.