Inside NAU - Season 7

Season 7 Episode 9 - Women Announcers


Since Title IX was enacted, opportunities for women in sports related careers have expanded. NAU-TV has an all-female athletics announcing team for the first time in Arizona history. Lisa Campos, VP for Intercollegiate Athletics interviewed.

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Episode 9: 4 Segments


Female artists in Arizona during the first part of the last century are part of an exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Information also is available through Cline Library's Special Collections library.


Flagstaff has a new arts incubator. Laura Kelly is interviewed by Alexa DuMity, discussing the incubator's long term possibilities.


On NAU-TV, John Sharpe from Winslow's Turquoise room is featured. As Head Chef of Winslow's Turquoise Room, Sharpe works closely with people from the NAU community.


Kelley Sliva McKee talks about NAU's Student Success Coaching program.