The Score - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 9 - THE SCORE


This final episode of this season of The Score gives us a chance to revisit some of our favorite stories from the past semester. This episode will feature NAU Soccer, IceJacks, Marching Band and Athletic Training Program. We will also get to know more about athletes, Gianara Compasano, David McNeil, Ali Carter and Javier Villarreal.

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Episode 9: 9 Segments


The Score’s reporter Ananda Robie spent a day with the NAU Women’s Soccer team to see exactly what went in to their second consecutive Big Sky Conference championship.


The NAU IceJacks have been so dominant in Division III that at the beginning of the 2009-2010 they decided to field two teams. One would stay at Division III and the other would move up to Division II. The Score’s reporter Ananda Robie went to tryouts to see how the two teams were shaping up.


Attending NAU athletic events can be a highlight of many students’ experience here at NAU. And the atmosphere at those events wouldn’t be the same without the presence NAU Marching Band.


It’s a bird… it’s a plane… No… It’s NAU Cross Country runner David McNeil!


Athletic teams can only be successful if their athletes are healthy and ready to compete. It’s the Athletic Training staff here at NAU that works tirelessly to ensure our teams do the best they can.


Get to know more about NAU Soccer player Gianara Campasano.


NAU Athletes spent a day giving back to the community by delivering a very important message to the local youth.


Ali Carter stood out as both a student and golfer while attending NAU. Now, even after graduation Ali is still standing out by training seeing-eye dogs.


Get to know more about Lumberjack shot-put thrower Javier Villarreal.