The Score - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 8 - THE SCOREFull


Episode 8 of The Score features former NAU stand out golfer, Ali Carter. Two segments with graduating student athletes T.J. Williams and Sarah Neatherton. Interviews with NAU Football's Head Coach Jerome Souer's and Award winning Quarterback Michael Herrick.

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Episode 8: 6 Segments


Former Northern Arizona University stand out golfer Ali Carter continues to give back by training seeing-eye dogs for the blind.


TJ Williams tells us her inspiration for wanting to become a Speech Therapist for children with special needs.


Mitch Strohman sits down with NAU Head Football Coach Jerome Souers to talk next season expectations.


NAU Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis coach, Kim Bruno, does her best to teach Mitch the Overhead Shot.


Mitch Strohman sits down with NAU’s award winning quarterback Michael Herrick.


Sarah Neatherton tells us what she will be doing for the San Antonio Spurs after she graduates from NAU.