The Score - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 7 - The Score


On this episode of The Score: The Arizona Snowbowl Hosts the "3rd Rail Jam", warmer weather in Flagstaff means the return of Disc Golf, Mitch sits down with NAU Men's Basketball Head Coach Mike Adras and All-Star player Cameron Jones, Football's Andy LaRussa shows Mitch proper Pass Coverage technique, and get to know more about Shane Johannsen.

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Episode 7: 6 Segments


The winter weather brings a new athletic competition to Flagstaff.


Learn why Disc Golf is so popular with both NAU students and the Flagstaff community.


NAU Men's Basketball Head Coach Mike Adras sits down with Mitch Strohman to talk about their post-season tournament invitation.


NAU assistant football coach, Andy LaRussa, shows Mitch why proper technique is so important in pass coverage.


NAU Men's Basketball All-star Cam Jones sits down with Mitch Strohman.


Get to know more about NAU graduating senior Men's Basketball player Shane Johannsen.