Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 7 - Inside NAU


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Episode 7: 8 Segments


Student researchers are making discoveries about CRS or chronic rhinosinusitus.


The local transportation authority has plans to bring a high frequency bus route through campus linking downtown to Woodlands village, near the southwest corner of campus.


Despite the economic downturn, many people are taking music lessons.


NAU is featuring more digital textbooks this semester.


A new recycling project is underway, designed to keep the trash stream cleaner, and make recycling more successful.


Wildlife biologists are creating bat condominiums because many of their old habitats no longer exist.


Inside NAU’s Mitch Strohman interviews NAU’s VP for research , Dr. Laura Huenneke.


NAU now has a student veterans center, designed to meet the unique needs of soldier who have served in active duty positions.