The Score - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 7 - THE SCORE


Episode 7 of The Score features a very special all Coach’s Corner edition of The Score with NAU Head Women’s Golf Coach Brad Bedortha. We will also feature Know Your Jacks with Meghan Bremer and Megan Buck of NAU Women’s Golf.

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Episode 7: 6 Segments


Bedortha shares some trick on how to read a long put.


Get to know NAU Golfer Meghan Bremer.


Tips for pulling off a successful flop shot.


Coach Bedortha shows Mitch how choosing the right club can make all the difference when faced with putting from the fringe.


Coach Bedortha hleps Mitch get out of trouble after hitting it into the trees.


Get to know more about NAU Golfer Megan Buck.