Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 6 - Quality


In this story, NAU has long been known for its quality of education, and many students say that individual attention from faculty members is one reason for that.

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Episode 6: 6 Segments


In this story, under President John Haeger’s leadership, NAU has made great strides in becoming more sustainable.


In this story, part of NAU’s increase in diversity has come from outreach into communities across the state.


In this story, in ten years, NAU has more than tripled its population of international students.


In this story, NAU president John Haeger has worked to reduce tuition hikes with programs like the Pledge.


In this story, Mitch Strohman talks to John Haeger about his ten years as president of NAU.


this story, in the past ten years, NAU has entered into several economic partnerships.