The Score - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 6 - The Score


On this episode of The Score: Senior NAU Diver Lana Christensen receives the prestigious Beckman Scholarship and embarks on innovative undergraduate research, learn how you can help Cam Jones receive the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award, Mitch sit's down with NAU Head Swim Coach Andy Johns and Swimmer Fi Connell, it's setting in the Coach's Corner and the fearless Brandy Carr in Know Your Jacks.

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Episode 6: 6 Segments


Lana is not only an outstanding diver but she is also outstanding in the NAU Research Labs. Receiving the prestigious Beckman Scholarship has allowed her to conduct her own research that will one day impact the medicines we all receive.


Cameron Jones was recognized as a top ten finalist for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award and your vote could help him win!


NAU Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate shares the fundamentals of good setting.


NAU Swim and Dive Head Coach Andy Johns sits down with Mitch Strohman.


NAU Diver Fi Connell came to NAU with a splash, setting new records and winning many awards. Mitch Strohman sat down with Fi to discuss swimming as well as some other interesting topics.


Get to know more about NAU daredevil and Soccer player Brandy Carr.