The Score - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 5 - The Score


On this episode of The Score, see the inspiring story of Karen Lohr, an NAU employee who despite many obstacles never gave up on playing the sport she loves. Mitch sits down with NAU Senior basketball players Cameron Jones and Jenna Galloway to talk about their NAU Basketball experience and plans for the future. We’ll learn hitting fundamentals from Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate and get to know more about NAU Volleyball player Katie Bailey.

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Episode 5: 5 Segments


Karen Lohr has always loved playing Ice Hockey but when an unexplained illness took away her ability to play she was determined to find a way to stay out on the ice.


NAU Basketball’s Cameron Jones tells Mitch how far he’s come from being a mischievous freshman and where he hopes to go after graduation.


NAU Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate shares the fundamentals of a good volleyball hit.


NAU Women's Basketball player Jenna Galloway sat down for what could be her last television interview with Mitch Strohman, but she also explains why she hopes this won’t be her last time on tv.


Get to know more about NAU Volleyball Player Katie Bailey.