Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 4 - Health & Learning Center


In this story, Carly Strauss profiles NAU’s new Health & Learning Center. HLC is the new home of Campus Health Services and offers extensive recreational facilities to students, faculty and staff.

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Episode 4: 6 Segments


In this segment, Theresa Bierer interviews HLC Associate Director of Operations, Pete Yanka. Yanka talks about the educastional resources available at the new Health and Learning Center, including classrooms, study rooms, a computer lab, and meeting space for students and faculty. Yanka also talks about other resources available at HLC, including Fronske Health Center, the Rec Center, Green Scene Café and more.


In this segment, Kevin Ordean profiles the Green Scene Café in NAU’s Health & Learning Center. The café features local and regional foods, and provides customers information about the carbon footprint of the menu items.


In this segment, Theresa Bierer reports on the “Sustainable Community Indicators Report” issued by the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI). The report examines environmental health, social well-being and economic prosperity in Flagstaff and northern Arizona.


In this segment, Theresa Bierer reports on the “ScienceWriters 2011” conference, sponsored by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing and hosted by Northern Arizona University. The event featured a conference of the National Association of Science Writers and a “New Horizons in Science” briefing.


In this segment, Mitch Strohman interviews the Director of NAU’s e-Learning Center, Don Carter. Carter talks about e-Learning Center’s role at NAU, including providing learning opportunities to the university community through a variety of formats.


In this segment, Theresa Bierer profiles NAU’s Native American Cultural Center. The center is a “home away from home” for the university’s Native students. It is also a place where all members of the NAU community can convene to share ideas, customs and traditions and to learn about each other.