Inside NAU - Season 9

Season 9 Episode 3 - Paul Keim Pt. 1


Dr. Paul Keim's opening keynote speech at the 2014 Flagstaff Festival of Science. Keim details his earlywork at NAU and his labs eventual involvement in the 9-11 anthrax case.

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Episode 3: 4 Segments


Dr. Paul Keim discusses the origins of the September 11th anthrax threat and how NAU researchers were able to pinpoint it.


Dr. Paul Keim discusses the terrible effects of anthrax and plague on various animal populations in the WesternUnited States and other parts of North America.


Dr. Paul Keim discusses the effects of plague in Northern Arizona, particularly on prairie dog populations.


Dr. Paul Keim talks about the importance of the ARD building here at NAU, as well as the many safeguards that areemployed to keep its employees and the citizens of Flagstaff safe.