Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 3 - Inside NAU


This episode of Inside NAU focuses Flagstaff's strengths as a college town, an effort called Public Achievement, and a look at record enrollment on campus.

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Episode 3: 8 Segments


Flagstaff recently earned the 14th spot in the country on the list of best college towns by the American Institute for Economic Research.


Northern Arizona University broke ground on a Native American Cultural Center, which will help the university better serve the large number of native american students on campus.


NAU's Landsward Institute is working to create a book listing plants of the San Juan River. The effort has cultural and medicinal purposes and is part of the university's mission of sustainability.


NAU is experiencing record enrollment this semester, with 17,500 students in Flagstaff, and many other enrolled online or through the university's extended campuses. The Arizona Board of Regents says NAU should aim for 25,000 students on the Mountain Campus over the next decade.


Each year, NAU participates in the Flagstaff Festival of Science. Dr. Jeff Leid and graduate students from his lab were just some of this year's NAU participants.


Public Achievement is the name of an effort in the Master of Arts in Sustainability Program. It teaches democracy to some of the younger members of the community.


Inside NAU's Mitch Strohman interviews NAU Regents Professor Wally Covington.


Student Life Reporter Kyle Anderson looks at how the Yellow Bike program on campus is helping students, faculty and staff be more green.