The Score - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 2 - Full


Full Episode Features stories on: NAU IceJack's historic Season, Coach King coming to NAU, Interview with Head Volleyball Coach Craig Choate, Coach's Corner, Interviews with volleyball player Kelli Dallmann and Know Your Jacks

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Episode 2: 6 Segments


NAU IceJacks host tryouts for the two teams they will be fielding this year. One team will stay at the Division 3 level and a second will move up to Division 2


What Coach King and his Athletes say about him coming to NAU as an Assistant Coach for the sprints, jumps and hurdles.


The Score's host Mitch Strohman sits down with Craig Choate, Head Volleyball Coach.


Learn some of Tiger Woods' putting secrets with NAU Head Women's Golf Coach Brad Bedortha.


The Score's host Mitch Strohman sits down with NAU Volleyball Athlete Kelli Dallmann.


Get to know NAU Swimmer Claire Ferro.