Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 16 - Inside NAU


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Episode 16: 7 Segments


This Inside NAU special highlights undergraduate research. Mary Zuniga is working in the lab of Dr. Diane Stearns. She is studying the effects of uranium on the skin, among other things.


Lana Christensen is an undergraduate who received the Beckman Scholarship. She is also a student athlete. Her research analyzes co cultures in bacteria.


One of the things that makes NAU unique, is the high percentage of significant undergraduate research opportunities. Dr. Stephen Shuster explains.


Lauren Marks is an undergraduate doing interesting research at Montezuma Well.


Zach Bastow is an Forestry undergrad studying the effects of warming on the local forests.


Charlie Hicks interviews Dr. Pauline Entin about the upcoming undergraduate symposium, featuring the work of hundreds of students.


Some psychology students have been conducting experiments on the effects of stress on the body. They will be presenting at the symposium.