Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 16 - SCC


In this segment, Scottsdale Community College is like many community colleges in Arizona who partner with NAU. SCC has a university center which gives NAU prominence on campus.

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Episode 16: 5 Segments


In this segment, the senior VP of Extended Campuses, Fred Hurst, talks about some of the program offerings through Extended Campuses. Hurst also discusses the new Personal learning Initiative.


In this segment, one of the successful partnerships through NAU’s Extended Campuses is the Hotel and Restaurant Management program.


In this segment, NAU’s HRM program with Scottsdale Community College has many success stories.


In this segment, Inside NAU interviews Terri Hayes, the Interim Executive Director for Extended Campuses.


In this segment, Coconino Community College students are enrolled at both CCC and Northern Arizona University. This program helps students stay on track through each of their four years in college.