Inside NAU - Season 4

Season 4 Episode 14 - Inside NAU


Inside NAU is offering a look back at some favorites from earlier this season as well as something new. From Siena, Italy, and Paradise Valley to an innovative effort to thwart bark beetles' efforts in northern Arizona, this episode of Inside NAU highlights many interesting people and programs on the campus of NAU.

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Episode 14: 6 Segments


One of the country's most famous highways passes right by Northern Arizona University. Inside NAU takes a look at a Route 66 exhibit at Cline Library.


There is a new program on campus called GPS. The Grade Performance System helps students stay abreast of their grades and offers information about services on campus to help them improve when needed.


NAU recently entered into an agreement with the Siena School. The small Italian school offers students an intimate study abroad opportunity.


Inside NAU introduces you to a mother and daughter enrolled in the same NAU Extended Campuses program in the valley.


Inside NAU Reporter Haley Quiner investigates the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, after learning many students on campus selected it as their favorite.


Northern Arizona's Ponderosa Pines are under attack by bark beetles. NAU's Ecological Restoration Institute came up with an effort called "Beetlemania".