Inside NAU - Season 4

Season 4 Episode 13 - Inside NAU


This episode of Inside NAU, highlights changes in curriculum at Northern Arizona University. We’ll also introduce you to a unique group of parents who are working to help students on campus. And in our Student Life story, Haley Quiner introduces us to some students who took a polar plunge to raise money for Special Olympics.

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Episode 13: 6 Segments


Student needs are changing so professors in the classroom and in the extended campuses programs continually redesign classes to better serve students.


The Parents Leadership Council is a relatively new group on campus with a funding mechanism for student groups.


Neil Websdale’s new book was recently featured on Newsweek Online. He told Inside NAU that familicide is a problem in the US and elsewhere.


Fulbright Scholar Nancy Paxton talks about her Australian research. Mandy Hansen and Harvey Charles also interviewed.


Mason Gerety, the VP of University Advancement, talks about the future of fundraising and NAU branding.


In our Student Life story, students continue the long tradition of giving back to the community. Different student groups raised money for Special Olympics.