Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 12 - Inside NAU


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Episode 12: 8 Segments


A retrospective on the life of NAU's Joseph Rolle


Cindy Liu has been selected to attend the Landau Nobel Laureate meetings. She says her time at NAU has given her many advantages in research and in her graduate studies.


NAU student teachers are being matched with mentors through the Rodel Foundation.


NAU Bookstore is hosting its first True Blue Mardi Gras Celebration March 8th.


NAU students enjoy snowboarding and the Under Armor Third Rail Jam competition.


NAU's Civic Service Institute oversees the Foster Grandparent Program. Helen Evans enjoys volunteering in a 2nd grade classroom at Mountain School.


Dr. David Mangelsdorf


NAU alumnus Scott Heinonen enjoys cooking at the Tinderbox Restaurant. Second part in a two part series.