Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 12 - MRSA


In this segment, Professor Paul Keim is spending time on the world stage again, with the release of a paper on MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the antibiotic resistant super bacteria. Keim is also participating in discussions about regulating some research of dangerous pathogens.

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Episode 12: 5 Segments


In this segment, several cutting edge research projects are being conducted by undergraduates at NAU.


In this segment, a new program at NAU has campus resident assistants promoting susainability.


In this segment, NAU has seven simulators. The Sim Man gives NAU nursing students accurate examples of working with patients.


In this segment, Mitch Strohman interviews the Executive Director for the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Ann Marie Chischilly.


In this segment, Numerous NAU athletics teams broke their team average G.P.As last semester. Athletes focusing on academics has long been a tradition at NAU.