Inside NAU - Season 5

Season 5 Episode 11 - Inside NAU


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Episode 11: 8 Segments


NAU graduate Tatum Simonsen was recently published in Science Magazine for her work on DNA and adaptations at high altitude.


NAU President John Haeger is continuing to look for ways to handle reduced funding from the state.


ERI's Bonnie Stevens reports on the ongoing battle with bark beetles and scientists' use of music to stop the bugs.


NAU's latest film series is focused on director genres.


Community Supported Agriculture is a local sustainability movement.


Seeds for Success is a national program with a local team. Part of the Landsward Institute.


Inside NAU's Mitch Strohman interviews Rich Bowen on economic development and sustainability.


An NAU student has been working for years to outfit Arizona's law enforcement dogs with bulletproof vests. A vest was recently purchased for a Coconino County Sheriff's dog.