Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 11 - Centennial


In this segment, As Arizona celebrates 100 years of statehood, Inside NAU looks back at NAU during the past 100 years.

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Episode 11: 6 Segments


In this segment, Cline Library archivist Sean Evans talks about Arizona’s first flag which was sewn in Flagstaff. He also shares a funny story about the Lumberjack ax.


In this segment, the Flinn Foundation continues to map Arizona’s progress on the bioscience roadmap, a goal created to increase sciences in the state.


In this segment, gardening has been a part of Flagstaff’s heritage, despite the challenges of growing produce at high altitude. A student initiative has grown in recent years and is producing significant vegetables and herbs.


In this What’s Cookin’ segment, NAU-TV highlights the 1899 Bar and Grill, housed in a building which has played important roles during Arizona’s first 100 years.


In this segment, Lisa Schnebly Heidinger.


In this segment, R. Carlos Nakai is an internationally known musician who recently returned to NAU to perform in the new Native American Cultural Center.