Inside NAU - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 10 - Paperless


In this segment, NAU’s Graduate College has gone paperless with submissions of theses and dissertations.

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Episode 10: 7 Segments


In this segment, Fred Duvall is Chairman of the Board of Regents and he is leading the group in some new directions, focusing on student graduation rates and economic partnerships.


In this segment, NAU-TV has a new Studio B. Station Manager Joe Chitwood talks about some plans for the facility.


In this segment, NAU’s Student Technology Center on South Campus has been serving record numbers of NAU students with their growing technology needs.


In this segment, NAU-TV’s series What’s Cookin’ highlights local restaurants. In this segment, Criollo Latin Kitchen is highlighted, including its ties to NAU.


In this segment, Fred Estrella, the Chief Information Technology Officer at Northern Arizona University, discusses his department’s many roles on campus.


In this segment, Inside NAU’s Carly Strauss created this look at the NAU intramural activity called Battleship.


In this segment, Inside NAU Producer Chris Strobel recently captured the full lunar eclipse. Northern Arizona is considered by astronomers to be an ideal place to look at the heavens.