The Score - Season 6

Season 6 Episode 1 - The Score


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Episode 1: 6 Segments


Michael Herrick has been listed on many preseason lists as a player to watch out for this season. The Score found out just what all this pre-season recognition meant to Michael and the NAU Football team.


For the past 12 years, Lumberjack Stadium has been home to Northern Arizona women's soccer after serving as the main football facility at NAU for more than 40 years. Recently the stadium began a major renovation process as a part of the new NAU Health and Wellness Center. We spoke with the NAU Women's soccer team to see how construction will affect the team and fans who come to support their possible third consecutive championship season.


The Score’s Host, Mitch Strohman, plays a little catch while talking NAU Football with All-American Quarterback Michael Herrick.


NAU’s Offensive and Quarterback Coach, Brian Lindgren, shows Mitch proper throwing form.


The Score’s Host, Mitch Strohman, interviews NAU Head Football Coach Jerome Souers.


Get to know more about NAU Football player Eric Hines.